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January 31, 2010

Feng Huang Marionette Theatre performing at Bukit Merah View

A small video clip of the marionette performance by Feng Huang Marionette Theatre at Bukit Merah View at the Thanksgiving celebration of Xuan Jiang Dian.

The title of this performance is Xiao Xiang Ye Yu 潇湘夜雨.

January 23, 2010

Past and present: String puppets in Singapore

Some information collected so far on the history of string puppets in Singapore

In the past (up till mid-1980s), the Henghwa string puppet troupes include (full names of some troupes still need verification):

1.  Xin De Yue 新得月班
2.  China Henghua String Puppet Troupe 中国兴化提线木偶班
3.  Feng Huang Ting (Phoenix Pavilion) Troupe 凤凰亭班
4.  Sai Feng Feng Troupe 赛凤凤班
5. Sin Hoe Ping Troupe 新和平班
6. Puxian Amateur Troupe 莆仙业余剧团
7. Fu Shun Troupe 福顺班 
8. Shun Fa Troupe顺发班

Present (together with existing Hokkien string puppets in Singapore, more to be discovered and added):
1. Sin Hoe Ping Puppet Troupe 新和平加礼戏
2. Feng Huang (Phoenix) Puppet Troupe 凤凰木偶班

3. Xin Yi Sheng Puppet Troupe 新艺声木偶戏班
4. Qiu Yi Ge Zai Xi Troupe 秋艺歌仔戏班(as can be seen from the name of the troupe, Gezaxi performances are also staged besides string puppet)

Please feel free to share if you know of any other puppet troupes (past and present) not mentioned here.

January 4, 2010

"Ban Xian"

The "Ban Xian" (Hokkien) performance by Feng Huang Marionette Theatre troupe.