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December 27, 2009

Wade Giles Romanization

Although this is not something related to marionette theatre, it is a useful tool for reading papers and articles, particularly those that had been written for some time. This is a useful table for those who might be confused especially when reading the works of early Western sinologists because of the very different romanization of Chinese characters. However, I am not sure if this table includes all the possible romanization because I discovered that it did not include:

Pinyin        Wade-Giles
u                     uh

Will add on if there are more discoveries. Feel free to comment so I can add on too.

Table source:

December 22, 2009



December 21, 2009

Preserving our Chinese Marionette Theatre Heritage

In the old days, the Marionette Theatre was there at various events, from temple celebrations to the celebration of a child "going into the garden" as literally translated from the Teochew tradition.

Today, the Marionette Theatre is mainly for the Gods. The kids of yesteryear loved it when the Marionette Theatre "came to town" (or to the kampong - village - as the case might be). Today, there are too many distractions. There's no grandma or grandpa to help explain the stories from the Marionette Theatre, which could be in Hokkien (Minnan) or HengHwa (MinDong). There are the TVs, PCs and the Internet.

But most important, it is still for the Gods. The performance of the Marionette is intricate and has many aspects, some of which are related to the religious rituals.

Today, we hope to create more awareness and in the process, better appreciation of the Marionette Theatre. And through, preserving what is left of the Marionette Theatre scene in Singapore.