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July 26, 2010

A followup of the glove puppet performance at Central's River Promenade

A followup of the glove puppet performance (in Teochew) at Central's River Promenade last Wednesday (21 July) that did attract some curious crowd, including tourists who took a few snapshots as well. Here are some pictures:

A closeup on the glove puppets:

 Initially thought there were subtitles, but it was more of a synopsis of the performance: 


July 21, 2010

Puppet performance in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival

In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2010 (16-25 July), there will be string and glove puppet performances. Visitors can munch to their hearts' content while enjoying the puppet performances. 

String Puppets 提线木偶
Venue: Merlion Park
Time: -7.30pm to 8.00pm
          -8.30pm to 9.00pm 
Language:Hokkien, with English synopsis 

Hand Puppets 布袋戏 
Venue: Central's River Promenade
Time: -8.00pm to 8.30pm
          -9.00pm to 9.30pm 
Language:Teochew, with English synopsis