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June 24, 2010

Marionette Performance in celebration of Zhang Tianshi's birthday

Was a little worried that the performance would be affected by the heavy downpour earlier but fortunately, the rain stopped when the performance began at 5pm. It was staged in front of a house (along Hougang St 21) where the owner had requested for the marionette performance and religious ritual in celebration of Zhang Tianshi's (张天师) birthday.

Notice the ritual conducted by Taoist priests behind the stage

A closer look at the ritual

Worship of Marshall Tian (田都元帅) near entrance of the house

During the break, I met Master Li of Hian Eng Daoist (显应道坛) for the first time. Master Li is actively involved in the Taoist scene in Singapore as well as China, UK. The performance ended at about 9pm when the ritual had also come to an end. 

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