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October 4, 2010

Chancing upon more puppet troupes

Happen to chance upon more puppet troupes of Singapore on Flickr but I have yet to find out if they are still extant. Here's a glimpse:

Name of troupe: Sen Wen Neng 森文能
        Picture taken: 23 November 2007                                 

Name of troupe: Xin Bao Feng 新宝凤
Picture taken: 14 June 2008

Name of troupe: Xin Yan Ling 新燕玲
Picture taken: 23 Dec 2008

Name of troupe: Yu Zhu Feng 玉珠凤
Picture taken: 29 Aug 2009


  1. An unknown puppet troupe:

    For those who know which troupe it is, do feel free to comment. Thanks!

  2. I think all still exist. But never knew Yu Zhu Feng exist as a puppet troupe as well

  3. Hi A.C.,

    Thanks for your comment. Have you come across these puppet troupes before? Do you mean Yu Zhu Feng used to be an opera troupe?