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April 21, 2011

Marionette performance at an industrial site

A rather unusual sight to see a marionette performance being staged at an industrial site..

Venue: Blk 31 Defu Lane 10
Time: 2pm, 8pm (Day and night performances)
Troupe: Sin Hoe Ping 新和平

From my observation for the past few hours, I guess it's a Henghwa manufacturer dealing with woodcraft who employed the troupe to perform for the deity Liu Gong Yuan Shuai (刘公元帅)

A peep inside..they have an altar ready and the stage was situated right opposite as it always should.

                      Marionette performance "Chen Wen Long" (陈文龙) at night which started at 8pm

View from was like a tiny yet lively Henghwa community enclave tucked in a remote part of Singapore

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