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November 13, 2011

Puppet performance to mark the opening of new Chong Yee temple

Was finally at Chong Yee temple on 12 November although the actual puppet performance started one day before. Here are some pictures of the puppet performance by "Ri Yue Xing" (日月星, popularly known as "Ji Gua Seng" in Hokkien).

 Marionette performance by Ri Yue Xing
Close up of the puppet

The origins of "Ri Yue Xing" could be traced back to its previous owner and famous Hokkien puppeteer Lee Chye Ee. See my post on the late Mr. Lee Chye Ee:

Entrance of the Chong Yee temple but the sign writes "Jalan Kayu United temple"

Was initially confused by the address as there was almost no information providing the specific address of the new Chong Yee temple (万国山忠义庙) until I visited their facebook page. I shall include the address here: 

Jalan Kayu Buangkok (Hill) Chong Yee Temple 
72 Sengkang West Avenue
Singapore 797652

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