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August 29, 2013

Chinese Puppets have a story to tell (Part II)

After much suspense and waiting, here is Part II and the final installment of the story of Chen Wenlong.

Chen Wenlong left the Su household and thought he could finally escape from the evil clutches of Mr. Su. He was wrong. A mystic character appeared in the next scene. He was highly skilled and this character later turned to be Chen Wenlong's saviour.

         Mystic character appears

Thinking that he had finally escaped from the evil Mr. Su, Chen continued his way to the capital city. He was shocked to see that the servant of the Su household had followed him all these while and was going to take his life. Fortunately, the mystic character appeared in time and had a fight with the servant.

Fight between servant and mystic character

Chen Wenlong thanked the mystic character for saving his life. Before he left, the mystery man even gave him some money for travel. 

Chen thanks mystery man

Chen wanted to ask for the mystery man's name to show his gratitude in future but he was long gone. Meanwhile, in the Su household, Mrs. Su reprimanded her husband for his ill-treatment of Chen Wenlong. She was further angered when Mr. Su decided to arrange another marriage for his daughter. 

Mrs. Su is angered by her husband's actions

Su Bixia was in love with Chen Wenlong and how is she going to escape from the marriage that her father had just arranged? She knew very well that her father would never change his decision about the marriage and decided to come up with an escape plan. She pretended to agree with her father on the marriage but when her maid went to find her, Bixia was nowhere to be found. The anxious Mr. Su did not know what to do since he had already agreed on the marriage. Desperate, he decided to adopt their housemaid as foster daughter who would replace Bixia in this arranged marriage. 

Maid kneels down and agrees to be Su's foster daughter

Su Bixia's escape was an act of courage as it was not acceptable in the olden days for a girl to be out of the household unaccompanied. Moreover, she had left the family and would be regarded as unfilial. But she could turn back no longer. Cold and alone, she was at a loss of what to do next. Fortunately, she met Chen Wenlong on the road. Chen almost could not believe his eyes when he saw his lover out in the cold. 

Chen Wenlong meets Su Bixia again

The lovers had gone through a couple of bad times and could finally meet. However, they were aware that their reunion was short-lived as Mr. Su had not agreed on their marriage. Sadness filled the air. The couple hug each other and cried. 

A teary hug

Chen comforted Su Bixia and told her the good news that he had succeeded in the imperial examinations. However, he wanted Bixia to keep a secret because he wanted to test her father again. 

Chen comforts the teary Bixia

Chen Wenlong made his way to the Su household again. He did not tell the Su family of his new status. Mr. Su did not change his attitude for Chen Wenlong and continued to treat him badly. Chen was angry that Mr. Su still did not repent on his past actions and decided to reveal his identity. Mr. Su immediately beg for mercy. Chen demanded to see his daughter and Mr. Su was at a loss because his daughter Su Bixia had run away from home. Revealing his true identity, Chen thanked Mrs. Su for helping him during his difficult times. At this moment, Su Bixia also returned home. Mr. Su again begged for forgiveness. 

Mr. Su begs for forgiveness

Chen Wenlong forgives Mr. Su and he finally won Su Bixia's hand in marriage. The story ends with a happy reunion of the Chen and Su families! 


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