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December 15, 2014

Singapore puppeteer goes to Brunei!

I am very proud to announce our very own Hainanese rod puppeteer's recent trip to Brunei! It was a wonderful exchange  (7-12 December 2014) with students in Brunei. Looks like the students had fun! The puppeteer is Mr. Pang Tong Teng from the Xin Xing Gang Qiong Nan Drama Society (新兴港琼南剧社) which has been established since 1997. Till the present day, they have performed regularly. Do refer to my past posts for the performances of this troupe (keyword search: Hainan). Thanks to Jodi and Terence from Artsolute for the photos and information!

The students look happy holding the rod puppets! 

Mr Pang with the puppet

Group shot

Newspaper feature (got to slowly use translator to read..hee)


  1. hey there! im wondering theres a place i can drop by to photograph such a performance?

  2. Hi, I am trying to locate Mr Pang. I am an ex student of his in the 80s. And I would like to connect with him.
    My email is I live in Canada