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April 11, 2010

Marionette Performance in Celebration of the Monkey God's birthday

Pardon me for the backdated entry..the Henghua marionette performance was held from 8-10 March at Kampong Kapor Road in celebration of the Monkey God's (齐天大圣) birthday

As the performance was staged at Kampong Kapor, a place frequented mostly by Indians and tourists, performance on the first night was especially swarmed with curious onlookers who stood there for quite a while, enjoying the rare sight. The tourists behind us were also busy clicking their cameras away.
Besides the performance, the Tian Xing Gong temple  (天性宫) nearby also came 'alive'. Ronni told me the temple was usually closed (opened at night) when he visited it a few times. He sounded very excited when the temple was finally opened and I was also happy to 'discover' yet another Henghua temple.

The puppeteer bringing the puppet up to the temple after the Eight Immortals performance 八仙戏

Food for thought: Ronni suggested that I took a photo of the marionette performance from Tian Xing Gong to see the 'connection' between the temple and the performance..can you spot where it is?


  1. Hey there!! Would you be kind enough to share with me this particular temple's address. I am very interested in HengHua temples. Thanks ! =D

  2. may i know the address of this temple?

  3. Where is 天性宫 located at?? Mind if u share its full address?? Thanks =D

  4. Hi John,

    The temple is located at 58C Weld Road. Hope this answers your question.