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April 2, 2010

Taoist mission dinner 1 April 2010

It was great to see friends whom I had not seen for some time or never met at the dinner yesterday.

                                                      The 3 bows and 9 prostrations (三叩九拜)

I asked Chan about the cream-coloured strip-like thing that Master Lee Zhiwang, President of the Taoist Mission was holding. He said it was believed that this was used when officials presented memorials or reports to the Emperor, or probably they could have used it to cover their eyes since eye contact with the Emperor was not allowed then. That sounds very new and interesting to me. Perhaps anyone can share more information about this?
                                                      Chanting the Qi Dao Ci (祈祷词)
             A glimpse at those who attended the dinner at Furama Riverfront Hotel
                    Various representatives reading the Religious Harmony Declaration (宗教和谐声明)
                    Announcement by Master Lee on the agreement with Keng Teck Whay to use its premises

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